Rens Machielse composes and produces sound and music for moving images such as fiction, documentary and animation in close collaboration with Willem Schneider (Studio Masch). Both have long standing and award winning careers as composer and sound designer. Rens has a particular interest in projects that offer time and space for experimentation with sound and music in order to deepen the narrative of the moving images, and provide them with an extraordinary soundtrack. He has done so in the past with directors such as Nicole van Kilsdonk, Paula van der Oest, Simone de Vries and Pieter-Rim de Kroon. His music has been awarded with a.o. the Stemra Music Award and a Gold Medal Best Original Score New York Festivals. Examples of his music can be found on SoundCloud. Currently Rens and Willem finished the sound track for the short animation film See Me which won the award The Gouden Kalf for the Best Short Film 2020 at the Dutch Film Festival.


Rens Machielse gives guest lectures, master classes and workshops about sound and music for moving images. His expertise covers specific topics such as ‘the design process of the sound track’ and ‘the role of the sound track in audiovisual storytelling’. In addition, Rens has experience in guiding freelancers and SME’s in setting up and developing their professional practice. Based on this experience he developed a specific master class: ‘Entrepreneurship for composers and sound designers in the audiovisual domain’. Rens has been teaching at a variety of institutions such as the Film Academy Amsterdam, the Film Academy Baden Württemberg, HKU University of the Arts Utrecht and the Reid School of Music University of Edinburgh. In 2020 he will give workshops on composing film music at a.o. the Summerschool Utrecht, at MediaSound Hamburg, at the Master The Sound of Innovation of ArtEZ, and at the IMMSANE Zurich 2020 Congress. More information about his teaching experience can be found in his CV.


Rens Machielse has been leading the HKU Research Programme Music Design that investigates the different creative processes involved in music design in the broadest sense of the word. His own research focuses on ‘The design process of the composer and sound designer in audiovisual storytelling’. He is also involved as a moderator in the HKU Professorship Research in Creative Practices of Jan IJzermans. His book The Sound Track about the design processes of the sound designer and the media composer is published by International Theatre & Film Books in collaboration with HKU Press and co-financed by the Dutch Filmfund. The Dutch version is presented in February 2020 at the EYE Filmmuseum, the English version is presented in May 2020. Both books are available through regular and online bookshops. More information including a number of reviews can be found at the related website De Sound Track. A number of his other publications can be found at download & links.


Being the Director of HKU Music and Technology for many years Rens Machielse has gained a lot of experience in developing specific curricula within the field of music and technology. In addition he was interim-Director at HKU Design and at HKU Arts and Economics. Based on this broad experience he has advised many educational institutions in Vietnam, Macedonia, Indonesia, South-Korea, Switzerland and Lithuania such as the Vietnam National Academy of Music and the Faculty of Music SS. Cyril & Methodius University Skopje. The major part of these advisory trajectories and related projects were supported by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, EP-Nuffic or the European Union. Rens is also a recognised peer-reviewer at MusiQue for accreditations of higher music education. Other nowadays positions and activities are chairman of the board of Gaudeamus Muziekweek and board member of the MIMM board. A general overview can be found in his CV. In the past year, Rens advised HKU Theater on the development of a new curriculum and the related organisation. At this moment, he is developing the online magazine Private Kitchen about mediamusic together with Loek Dikker and ShortCutz Amsterdam.

info & contact

Rens is available for:

  • - guest lectures and workshops on a national and international level;
  • - advisory work with regard to higher education in music technology or in sound and music for moving images;
  • - designing soundtracks for moving images in collaboration with Willem Schneider (MASCH).

You can download a full CV of Rens Machielse. You can contact Rens through mail ( or phone (+31 6 3823 7630).